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iAssign Features

iAssign is a platform that allows you to create and manage Assignments and Homeworks online. When using iAssign you will have full control of Homeworks and Grades. iAssign grades assignments automaticly with an option that allows you to correct your students Grades manually. It also allows you to create Educational Modules to help you students study and understand your course online.


Create and Manage Homeworks

Multiple Choices
Fill in the Blank
Math Questions

Automatic Grading with the ability of manual grading

Auto Grading
Manual Grading
Export to Excel

Create and Manage modules and make it avaliable to your students



iAssign is avaliable with two kinds of teacher memberships. The free membership allows you to create one classroom / course with minimum features, the prime membership gives unlimited options and features.

iAssign iAssign Free Membership iAssign Prime
Create and Manage Assignment
Multiple Kinds of Question (Multiple Choices, Fill in the Blank, Math Questions..)
Easy to Use
Manage Students
Complete Control of Grades
Auto Grading
Manual Grading
Free Course after Registration
Create Unlimited Number Course
Print Grades
Export Grades to CSV (Exel)
Annual Price Free $52

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